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Nikopicto's Hug The Killer (Empire Edition) in Gold or White colorways

Introducing the EMPIRE Edition of HUG The Killer from Nikopicto! Available in Gold or White colorways – with each in an edition of 200pcs per color

Philip Lumbang + ChrisRWK's

EVENT PRESS: “myplasticheart presents Metal and Fur, featuring the work of artists ChrisRWK and Philip Lumbang where the melding of their unique styles bring together an

Help and Support Jason Jacenko (Atomika) Gofundme Campaign!

“Jason Jacenko (a.k.a Atomika) is an extremely talented fine artist, toy designer, and tattooist whose sole income has been dependent on his artistic abilities and passion

Singa in #SG50 / #NDP Funpack Loot Bag Giveaway!

Singapore were gifted a SG50 “SG Funpack” featuring: “Singa, The Courtesy Lion” figurine! Produced by Comicave Studios (formerly produced by Play Imaginative) – the piece in

Stolen Art Toys from SleepwalkerNimbus pieces from the Lucid Dream Show!

These two #SleepwalkerNimbus pieces from the Lucid Dream Show by @guumon and @martinheadrocks were stolen from the gallery Friday July 24th. Please be on the lookout

DLL Customs The

Derrick Lauglaug AKA DLL Customs presents: The “Killer” Collection & “Jedi Mind Trick 2″ Collection is an Homage to Killer Bootlegs, using his old materials to

ShadowWorkArt 3 Customs up for grabs at Martian Toys!

ShadowWorkArt revealed this 3 custom figure “Trjegul”, “Martian Kitty”, and “Huggly Bear”…that  will be up for grabs this coming Saturday, August 1st at 3pm EST exclusively

Pretty in Plastic 's Battle Cat Hunting Trophy Art Figure Available Now!

At the recently concluded Skeletor’s Lair take over of Super7 in San Diego you may have noticed a Battle Cat Hunting Trophy head hanging on the

Ian Ziobrowski Revealed “Being John Malkovich” Custom Dunny Set!
Huck Gee's Revealed

The official announcement is here! Introducing “DAME #11“… a massive ‘Diesel Armored Mobile Emplacement‘ Mecha that comes with a “Dapper Little Scoundrel” as the pilot… and

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