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Bounce x VTSS Toys – Bounce Boy Black + Gold Series Drops Aug. 18th

VTSS Toys in collaboration with Taiwanese graffiti artist Bounce has released the third edition of their Bounce Boy figure, following the 2013 and 2014 years two deep acclaim after work

Tomodachi Island’s Bulli-Corns for Collect and Display

Collect and Display is teamed up with artist Emelie Jensen for their latest “Monthly Custom Series” – showcasing the fantastical works of Tomodachi Island! Emelie has created

New Kidrobot Phunny Plush for Halloween Now Available

Get ready for the Halloween season with Kidrobot’s latest PHUNNY plush! PHUNNY is Kidrobot’s line of sinisterly squeezable 8″ plush. Full of creeps, monsters, frights softened to

Google Androids Mascot Collectibles Series 6 Design Reveals

It’s time for the next generation of Android Mini Collectibles! The Android artist series is back with unique designs from some amazingly talented artists from around

Kat Brunnegraff Print Release

Kat Brunnegraff is proud to release her latest art prints, a special 2 part print release that she has recently completed showcasing the character “Eleven” from the

Plaseebo takes off his pants...

Bob Conge aka Plaseebo almost revealed himself in his latest custom works, the “Underwear Bomber” Night Gamer! This is one a kind soft vinyl custom with red

Fully painted Galaxxor

Ben Spencer AKA GALAXXOR is so excited to share the first batch of fully painted Galaxxor figures, from Galaxxor 001 and 007 to that bad, bad dude Gorgax. Even

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx - Suicide Squad Deluxe XXRAY Wave 4 Versions Now Available

Mighty Jaxx are proud to debut XXRAY DELUXE, where you get to interchange weapons of your favourite characters! These releases are very selective and extra limited in quantity! In

Obsessed Panda x Skullmark’s

Obsessed Panda has teamed up with Skullmark to release another Star Wars-themed figure, titled Dagan Maul! Created from Commander Dagan from the Galaxy Commanders series, mash up with a double edged light


Your favorite Yummy World characters from Kidrobot are going vinyl! Everyone favorites like Cheezy Pie and Flaco Taco are a part of this adorable assortment of characters!

Woes x Silent Stage – “Golden Era” Panda King 3 Drops Aug. 23rd

Woes and Silent_stage is excited to release the new “Golden Era” Panda King 3, painted with Golden chrome overall. This beautiful art piece limited edition of only 15 made, and is

Rotofugi x CoarseHK - Cold Ways Exclusive Release

cancan – ignited is here to protect you in the night. On Monday he will be waiting for you to call his name. CoarseHK is proud

Paul Kaiju's “Teal Typhoon” set - Dual Bat, Biterfish, Mockbat and Hellmock Sofubi

Paul Kaiju is proud to present his latest blank release, named “Teal Typhoon” set! Featuring the blank Dual Bat, Biterfish, Mockbat and Hellmock companion, the four figures have all been

Future Vandal aka Mr. CADatonic by CADatonic Now Available!

CADatonic is proud to release his latest creation of a futuristic robotic being, titled Future Vandal by CADatonic, standing 5.5” tall and features custom GID painted

Batman Spectrum Joker Hikari Sofubi Vinyl Figure Coming Soon

Funko is too excited to announce that Hikari Friday is back! Spectrum Joker Hikari displays his classic cane, purple suit, and mischievous grin is coming soon

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