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TAG x David Horvath x Sun-Min Kim - UGLYDOLL 2

Toy Art Gallery is proud to released their first collaboration with toy legends David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim; by bringing you the UGLYDOLL Mini Monsters Gacha figures! The series of eight adorable mighty mites includes all of your UGLYDOLL favorites, including BABO, JEERO, OX, WAGE, BATTY, TARGET, ICE BAT and WEDGEHEAD! Each figure stands approx. 2″ tall The UGLYDOLL Mini Monsters debut in a bright red vinyl and are available as individuals for $12 each as well as a specially deal priced set of… View Full Post »

FLABSLAB’s Present “Dark Papa!” Resin Sculpture a tribute to Lee Kuan Yew

FLABSLAB was about to celebrate Star Wars day May the Fourth by bringing you this Bust that depicted Lee Kuan Yew, the famous founding father of Singapore, sporting Darth Vader’s helmet. Titled “Dark Papa,” measured 11-inch tall and 7-inch wide resin sculpture, painted in shiny black with limited edition of 23 handmade pieces, each of these priced $400 each and will be available on May the 4th, 2016 only at the FLABSLAB online shop. “everyone of us has a love-hate relationship with our own father,” a reminder… View Full Post »

Brandt Peters

   Brandt Peters newest creatures creation is called The Night King comes from the world of Stingy Jack, develop in a collaboration between the artist and Stranger Factory as main piece for its 5 years anniversary on May 6th. As shown will be available in two colorways: HALF DEAD (blue) and CANDY CORN (orange) is an edition of 265 pieces!. Produced and manufactured by Cardboard Spaceship Toys and 3D Modeled by Dennis Cornetta! When you purchase at Circus Posterus, or at Stranger Factory, The Night King boxes come signed by… View Full Post »

Ron English X Madebymonsters X JPS gallery X Toytokyo X Playhouse -

Ron English X Madebymonsters X JPS gallery X Toytokyo X Playhouse is in full force to bring you  “MC Joker Grin” at Thailand toy expo in a super limited of 400 worldwide with a chance to win secret  5% / 10% / 20% and 65% normal version. Ron English another release of the popular MC Supersized Grin figure was numbered and available for US$260 Asia, US$270 Australia, and US$280 Europe. This will drop only , & Thailand toy expo. *** sorry this MC… View Full Post »

Fools Paradise - Star Wars Theme

Alan Ng’s of  Fools Paradise revealed the third piece of his ongoing Star Wars inspired Coin Rides Game series, titled: “Darkside K.X1 at Coin Rides Game #3” this time depicts Keiko in Darth Vader’s attire and sitting aboard a coin operated TIE Advanced X1 ride. These amazing piece will be debuting at the Thailand Toy Expo on May 5-8th, 2016, follow by launching of pre-order in Mid of May. So keep your eyes peeled at Fools Paradise IG for more details coming soon!  

Eric Smith

Cronus Magnus is live on Indiegogo til May 29. Eric Smith from Full Blown Ink is back with his second figure in the Vulkira line of classic Japanese inspired figures with his soon to be launched, crowd funding campaign to bringing to life his Cronus Magnus figure, Sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider. The follow up to his previously campaign-funded vinyl toy, Vulkira, released in 2015! This campaign is to raise funds for production of 600 pieces – the minimum quantity that Shinbone Creative can produce. So if… View Full Post »

Pepe Hiller – King Pokka and the Pakkas Wood Figures Drops May 4th!

Pepe Hiller is delighted in announcing his latest handcrafted wood figures, bringing you King Pokka and the Pakkas. The Pakkas is limited to 8 pcs, stand 6 inch tall for only $110 apiece, a fierce yet unruly horned tribe of spear-wielding buffalo hunters,  are trained and kept focused by their formidable leader, King Pokka is one-off figure, stand 12 inch tall for only $380 apiece. Specially crafted from smoked oak wood, each of the smaller Pakkas carries a beech spear with brass spearhead attached with natural leather ribbon.… View Full Post »

Tan's MimiMonster sofubi Available via Lottery May 4th

Creator of the hugely popular Mimi Monster sofubi, TAN, is taking you back to China in the 1980s. In the 70s-80s,most Chinese cope with shortages. Almost every families have one toy like this, it’s a symbol of happy home life. It’s the children’s favorite. At this time, Mimimonster chose an old fashion way in this Attack on Titan looking colorway, in a disturbing mix of rubbery white and red sprays with fleshy detailing. This insane Mimimonster is available via lottery and if you want… View Full Post »

Drilone's Mecha 2 Blindbox Dunnys and Custom 6inch Madl Available Now!

DrilOne has announced the release of a blindbox series of custom Dunnys straight from his armory of Mecha weapon…titled “Mecha 2 Dunnys” featuring his signature battle-worn, weathering style. It’s looks like a super limited 3 piece blindbox custom Dunny for $100 per blindbox and to give on the air attack support Drilone also release a one-off Custom 6″ MadL, in Army green color and definitely rusted fighter plane and it’s available now to take battle for only $300 apiece. Head on over HERE right… View Full Post »

Marvel animated statues

Gentle Giant Ltd. is delighted in announcing the next character from their Marvel animated statues line with Deadpool! This adorable collectible is a playful take on the Merc with a Mouth, and is based off cover and page designs from the Marvel comics. The Animated Deadpool Statue was digitally sculpted, and then 3D printed on state of the art 3D Systems printers. The high-resolution prints were then used in the creation of prototypes needed to produce this animated collectible. The Animated… View Full Post »

DMS - Mechanimal

On the back of the sellout ToyCon UK version of the DMS Octeapus, comes the Deep Blue colourway of this Mechanimal. DMS is about to release, the Deep Blue Octeapus. Standing at around 5.5″ tall x 7″ wide (depending on the positioning of the tentacles) and featuring moveable, changeable magnetic tentacles, these are pieces to play with and pose. A pressure cast resin base and cockpit, piloted by the Lunartik mini tea vinyl toy, featuring DMS’ signature hand sculpted tentacles. Hand painted… View Full Post »

Time Bandits x Todd Action x David Arshawsky Revealed

Time Bandits in collaboration with Todd Action are proud to announce their first creation together “The Donald Trump Show”, this limited edition resin figure stand 3.75” tall inspired in one of the most controversial and most talked about people in the United States today. The bootleg piece which was sculpted by David Arshawsky, and hand painted, and feature header card artwork designed by Timebandits. No exact date yet, release is slate for some time in mid May. Neither price nor quantity are revealed for these… View Full Post »

Cracked Hatchet's Spidey, Boba Fett Sarlaac Escape, Stealth Mission Donny resin Figure on eBay Auction

Cracked Hatchet released today, not one but three, one-off resin figures and this time it’s not available on his online shop but rather he make it available for eBay auctions. First on the list, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Stealth Mission Donny resin Figure Stands approx 14cm high and featured a unique colour way, grey/green skin with black bandana and pads. Battle damage ninja stars from fighting on the Foot! Second, Spidey resin figure, Stands approx 12cm high. Third and last, 001/001 Boba Fett Sarlaac Escape Resin Figure, Stands approx… View Full Post »

Mj Hsu's The Mother of Dragons Custom Dunny Now up for Auction!

Mj Hsu‘s The Mother of Dragons custom Dunny is now up for auction (start today at 4pm PST) here on Mj Hsu Instagram! The Mother of Dragons comes complete with glass eyes, soft hair, and a mini Drogon. Bidding will start at $75, with at least $5 increments. If you are interested, visit her Instagram (@mjhsu) and click on the image labeled “Auction”. Place your bid by commenting and tagging the previous person (so they know that they have been outbid). The auction will end at 11pm… View Full Post »

The KwentoThesis x Watermoon Studios– The Barrel Man

  The KwentoThesis in collaboration with Watermoon Studios invite you to celebrate this legendary Philippine hero with The “Barrel of Mactan” custom vinyl figure in the form of the iconic Barrel Man from the Philippines and is modeled in the styling of Watermoon Studio’s classic “Barrel Man” figure. This figure is handsomely crafted in matte vinyl, it also features full articulation at the neck and shoulders, with signature spring loaded front load. This 4.5″ figure is a limited edition of 100 worldwide! Head… View Full Post »


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