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Captain Zeto - Motto in Airbrush Paint colorway Captain Zeto is proud to announce the release of another Motto colorway, this 2.25″ tall figure treated in airbrush v colors style, some hand painted details painting by Captain Zeto, casted in resin and limited edition of 99 with 3 pieces will be available this coming Friday, July 1st in no definite time so make sure to keep an eye out in Captain Zeto online shop.

Red Hot Style’s Canadian Hairless in Green and Gold Colorway

Newcomer sofubi brand Red Hot Style are proud to announce their next Canadian Hairless in an all-new Green and Gold colorway! Standing at around 5″ tall and featuring articulation in both the head and arms, cast in a semi clear green vinyl infused with glittery gold powder. Limited to an edition of just 26 pieces worldwide, the Canadian Hairless figure are currently available via e-mail order at for just $68 each plus shipping. Don’t miss this drop!

Black Ninja Bootleg Figure by Manny X Romero and DKE Toys for SDCC 2016 Exclusive!

  Manny X Romero is bringing a bootleg classic back to life! these rare ninja version of our favorite bad boy the Black Ninja! original Mattel molds where used but obvious liberties with the paint had been taken. 3 designs where release this black ninja, a white ninja (also dropping soon) and a superman, all of which are ridiculous and awesome. Each figure is hand cast and painted measuring approx 3.5″ on custom carded figure. Edition of 20 pieces and will be priced at US$60… View Full Post »

Dave Dick - Bōzu sofubi from Planet 3 Toys for Lulubell Toys

Planet 3 Toys is delighted in announcing their very first sofubi, comes Bōzu from artist Dave Dick! Debuting in an unpainted black “In the Shadows” colorway and produced in Japan by Grody Shogun/Lulubell Toys. The figure based on the yokai Ao Bōzu ( “Blue Monk” ) from Japan – stands at approx. 3.5″ (90mm) tall, coming complete with a hand made and stamped tag. Head on over HERE this coming Saturday, July 2nd at 12Noon PST for just $25 plus shipping and make sure to grab one… View Full Post »

Tomenosuke's 10th Anniversary - MICROBUS - To The Medetail Island Edition by Aya Kakeda

Tomenosuke continue the celebration of its 10th Anniversary by announcing new edition of sofubi Microbus’ from artist Aya Kakeda. The name is ”To the Medetai Island”–Medetai means celebration. It gleams richly with brilliant gold glitter. The face of each character is painted respective metallic color and blazing out colorfully. Each figure is  limited, standing 7″ tall and has only 30 pieces as usual. You will be treated with freebies such as handmade badge by Aya, postcards, and so on. They will… View Full Post »

Mab Graves × Kate Hart's

  Pop Surrealist painter Mab Graves is so happy to revealed their top secret mission with squeaky toy specialist Kate Hart to bring your favorite Dino kitty squeaks new life.… “Dinokitties!” A creatures from Graves’ art, details are so scarce right now but one thing for sure it’s a squeky one! Originally plan to release at Designer Con this November, but they we’re doing a special event this July 29-30 in LA and they will be doing a pre-release then! So keep your eyes peeled for more details coming… View Full Post »

Make America Ape Again Action Figure by Barely Human and DKE Toys for SDCC 2016 Exclusive!

Another DKE Toys’ SDCC exclusive here, from Barely Human aka John Black has made this magnificent POTA inspired 3.75″ carded figure from his Plain Old Apes series. Each hand painted resin cast 3.75″ figure has a load of accessories and interchangeable heads as well as magnetic articulation in all the joints. What more can you ask for?” This time “Make America Ape Again” by Barely Human is in an edition of 25pcs, each priced at US$65 tax included, and will be… View Full Post »

R2-SL1200 Bootleg Figure by Artbot138 and DKE Toys for SDCC 2016 Exclusive!

DKE Toys revealed another SDCC exclsuive and this time from Artbot138 aka James Garrett has brought you a hand cast and painted 3.75″ tall carded R2-D2 bootleg figure with handy record player. Now all your action figures can listen to their favorite tunes. Not in real life but in pretend. Each comes with a vintage 7″ record and a fabulous record sleeve packaging with some crazy SW parody versions of some of your favorite bands. In an Edition of only 20pcs, each R2-SL1200 by… View Full Post »

Fools Paradise's Keikojoker stole BatMo at coin rides game #4 Pre order June 30th

Was this really necessary? ~ Joker Keiko Fools Paradise is proud to announced his latest creation in the fantastic “Coin Rides Game” series, the first to be inspired by something outside of Star Wars but part of his favorite Batman character The Joker..titled “keikojoker stole BatMo at coin rides game #4” is a Keiko in The Joker personality and sits proudly in a coin-operated ride version of the 1989 Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman film. Pre-order begin on 30.JUNE 00:00am HKT, Limited to 380… View Full Post »

Action MC by Ron English and DKE Toys for SDCC 2016 Exclusive!

Ron English’s iconic MC Supersized character has been transformed into a 3 3/4 inch vintage style action figure by sculptor George Gaspar. Card back design by Ron English. Hand painted by Special Ed Toys. Now MC Supersized can have epic battles with the other figures in your collection. Limited edition of 50 pcs for a priced of US$100 each and Available at Booth #5045 at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24), this is just one of thousand SDCC exclusive from DKE TOYS so… View Full Post »

Suicidal Tendencies x BlackBook Toy (Cyco Miko) SKUM-kun 10 inch figure Old Skool Edition

  BlackBook Toy is proud to announce the release of SKUM-kun…Most human-ish this time of the Old Skool edition colorways in the image of Mike Muir of younger days in the past. There is the fresh brain with red rub finish bleeding under SKUM-kun beautiful chestnut hair transplant. New Era mini cap is LA Dodgers with VENICE embroidery on the brim. MADE IN JAPAN sofubi. Sculpted by Knuckle of Little Chop Design, Also because running out of time, New Era mini cap is… View Full Post »

Amanda Visell - Llama & Toadstool and Elephant & Drunky Resin Figures

Amanda Visell offers two new resin sets/pairs up on, of “MOSSY: Llama & Toadstool” and CLEAR PINK SPARKLE PINK ELEPHANT & DRUNKY  priced at US$90, and limited to a run of 25 sets each. Elephant measures in at 3.5 x 5 x 3.5. Hand sculpted, cast, painted in clear and sparkly pink. These resin figures are cast from hand sculpted originals and hand painted, limited to an edition of 25 hand-painted pieces and are retailing for $90 per set. Head on over HERE… View Full Post »

Wetworks -

Singapore-based artist Carlo “Wetworks” Cacho, latest character inspired by the famous movie Star Wars duo “The Smugglers” depicted in cartoonish figures, the “Captain” and his massive, hair-covered “Co-Pilot,” cast in resin and hand-painted to complete. Come sin blister pack with cardbacks  featuring illustrations by yoii and Adam Cline respectively, limited to 20 pieces in this first batch and these will be available on June 26th, 2016 at 9am Pacific time in Cacho’s online shop for $130 for the set. Expected these to… View Full Post »

Tan x Violence Toy’s “13 One-Offs” Mimi Monster Drops June 25th

Violence Toy is teamed up with TAN to give you this special run of one-off Mimi Monsters! Released in a lucky limited 13 of the 5.5″ tall slimy cyclops, each has been cast in an orange soft vinyl and painted to various, multitude of colors variation and combinations including rubs, sprays and brushed detailing. Head on over at Violence Toy store this coming Saturday, June 25th at 3pm Pacific time, to snag one up for just $140 each and make sure to grab one for your… View Full Post »

Jeff Lamm x Paul Kaiju x Unbox Industries’ Salamander D5 Sofubi

“When worlds collide..! Paul Kaiju’s Salamander Joe has infected Jeff Lamm’s SMD 5 & the results are awesome! Paul kindly oversaw the production details for this particular version, painstakingly preparing the paint master and approving all the details before Unbox passed the beast to Jeff Lamm for the thumbs up. Unbox Industries proud to revealed Salamander D5,  Created from  the body of Lamm’s popular Space Mining Division 5, scanned & shrank by Unbox Industries to produced piece comes with both the OG SMD5 robot head and a… View Full Post »


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