12 MechatroWeGo Aqua
1000toys is ecstatic to announce the start of the MechatroWeGo Official Site for their overseas fans! It will start shipping worldwide and no longer will you and I have to wonder how to buy a WeGo. Open last February 8th 11AM Japan Standard Time,  1000toys will be spreading the word on the wonderful world of the MechatroWeGo to fans outside of Japan and Asia! … and the first item will be the long awaited 1/12 scale 12MechatroWeGo Aqua. The newest addition to the Mechatro WeGo series would will be the 1/12 scale line. Front hatch will open and allow for the drivers seat located in the chest to be pulled out. 2set of hand parts will also be included. All outer parts are removable and can be mixed and matched with parts from the other types of the 12 Mechatro WeGo series to create your own color version. Articulation will be improved compared to the smaller 35 WeGo version and the use of Diecast in the legs will allow for it to be posed steadily. Comes with gimmicks such as LED lights, improved articulation and cockpit that can be pulled out that were not seen in the original 35 series this is a toy that can be admired by anyone. Still asking…How to buy? Click on the link HERE to go to the product page to pre-order for only ¥16,000 ($140) which includes FREE shipping.

Also a #Mechatro WeGo Official Site will also be unveiled soon and will help international fans get more information about the world of MechatroWego which will be announced on their Instagram HERE!