This is the 3rd of 3 batches of Con Stuff DKE Toys will debut at NYCC. DKE Toys will be set up at New York Comic Con – Booth #678 – Oct 5-8 at the Javits Center in NYCC.
Dov Kelemer is available for interviews at the Con.


The Great Showdowns by Scott C

The Great Showdowns are a series of paintings, art shows, and books depicting classic pop culture good guys and bad guys. This figure was sculpted by George Gaspar of Double G toys who helped bring Scott C’s characters to life.
You get two hand cast and hand painted resin figures on each card featuring Scott C’s signature. He also numbered them out of 50.
$100 each

Instagram @scottlava

Buzzard Guts was founded in 1994 as a hand distributed “fan” zine by self proclaimed “artist” and multi-dimensional guru Dain A. Marx who has been creating and exploring alternate universes since the early 70s. Now, Buzzard Guts produces kit bashed hand cast resin figures from a trailer in the woods. These “bootleg toys” of characters from alternate realities feature collaborations from various talented illustrators like Neil Devlin of Last Boss Comics, Ryan Winn of Valiant Comics and maybe one day, you!
Instagram @damarxtoys
Buzzard guts has two pieces for this show. The first is an 80s throwback.
He says “In the 80’s I rented a lot of videos from the local video store. I’d get a lot of different things but was always looking for movies that were more like Star Wars. One day I thought how cool would it be if all movies were like Star Wars. Within that thought a universe was created.” From this alternate reality Buzzard Guts presents a slice of nostalgia representing a charming tale of first love between an eternally optimistic Jawa and a sophisticated Astromech droid. Say something smart, say something clever, say something real, say utinni!
3.75″ handcrafted Resin figure on cardback.
Illustrated by Last Boss Comics.
Say Utinni by Buzzard Guts
Hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale carded figure
Signed and numbered edition of 30

Here it is! Just in time for Halloween! If you’re a fan of Boba Fett and Frankenstein but already have a Franken Fett then look no further! Boba-Stein is everyone’s new favorite zombie clone! Crafted in the dreary south by DAM and presented to you by Buzzard Guts. Each 3.75″ resin figure is hand painted and mounted on a silk-screened card back with illustration by Last Boss Comics. Each card includes a unique personal touch and they Glow in the Dark!

Boba-Stein by Buzzard Guts
Hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale carded figure
Signed and numbered edition of 30
Can’t say for sure but this looks to be an r2 dome made out of the top of a Magical Floridian Giant Golfball. And what is that inside, Walt frozen in ice? Hands of our favorite mouse?
Thought long dead, Emperor Cryogenius continues to rule the galaxy secretly from the catacombs of an amusement park shrine he built as a tribute to himself, now more powerful than ever.
Emperor Cryogenius by Acquired Taste Industries
Hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale carded figure
Signed and numbered edition of 30
Instagram @acquiredtasteindustries

The final package art wasn’t available when we did the cards – so including it here!