Awesome Toy‘s range of “Fake Baron” figures, all inspired by the classic ’70s “Pachi Red Baron” menko illustration, should rejoice as they finally have the chance to buy the coveted unpainted red vinyl versions that were used for prototyping. Available for both the full-size 9½-inch tall original figure as well as the mini figure set — consisting of a 4½-inch “Finger Puppet Sofubi,” a 1¾-inch “Finger Puppet Mini Sofubi,” a 4⅖-inch “Pendant Style Sofubi Mini,” and a 3⅓-inch “Sofubi Mini.” Limited to 10 pieces in each version, these unpainted red Japanese vinyl versions are available now for $80 per full-size figure or set of minis. Go check them out in the Toy Underground store right HERE before they quickly disappear!