BlackBook Toy with HellFire Canyon Club is about to release four new editions of David FloresDeathead S’murk sofubi toy – all cast in clear vinyl with varied paint treatments, the new editions include three with painted teeth: Rose (Copper Teeth),Fang (gold teeth) & Openface (silver teeth).  The fourth Diamond Cut edition features a metallic gold, silver and copper design which shows off the clear body nicely with unpainted parts throughout, especially the borders of the stained-glass motif. Sculpted by Knuckle of Little Chop Design, each figure stands 7.1″ tall, will be up for grabs HERE on February 18th at 7am PST. The three colored teeth editions being 8640 yen (US$76) and the Diamond Cut edition going for 9720 yen (US$85). No word on how limited these are, so keep your eyes peeled as these are anticipated to sell out quickly.