Brent Mousie

Brent Nolasco proudly announced that his Mousie figure is finally available on his online store HERE. “Mousie” is a 6″ two-part, roto cast, resin figure with glass eyes. The head articulates 360 degrees, stands 6” tall and is 100% hand painted by Brent himself. Each figure is packed in a bag with a header card by the artist and cost is $75 plus shipping. And there are only 5 made in this colorway. Don’t miss out on your chance to snatch one up HERE.

“Mousie” is a mischievous little guy to be around. He always has a trick up his sleeve or a joke to tell you. Mousie enjoys spending his time with “Barse” and “Sonny”. He is a little guy that you always have to keep your eye on.