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Paul Braddock -

Sydney Based Artist Paul Braddock is proud to revealed his latest 3d printed creation…titled “Eddie the Robot” standing 30cm tall and features rusted old robot in

Nicky Davis' Dead Bear Glacier Edition Resin Figure

Houston Based Artist Nicky Davis proudly released his new “Dead Bear” in Glacier edition. Color. This Glacier Edition Dead Bear stands 7” tall and is cast in translucent glacier blue x The Droid Foundry - Hoverdroids,  Rollerdroids, Droiddogs 3D prints for ToyConUK 2016 proudly introduced The Droid Foundry carrying their underlying theme of robots, and they have 3 character creations in 3D prints releases to present at ToyConUK this year. First

PROJECT #ZERO from NVDRS Coming Soon!

Italy based Francesco Schiraldi of NVDRS proudly introduced “PROJECT #ZERO” – a 3.5 inch tall DIY figure consists of three separable pieces: Face, Body, Base, and