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Skippy Mini Figure from FUK2 (Sold Out)

Lance (@renonelab) released “SKIPPY” – a resin mini figure based off a character from #fukseries2 artist Rodger Beck @rodgerjames . Sculpted by Andrew Scribner @rufusart .

The artist Obsessed Panda is teaming up with Awesome Toy to release a micro run of their Lochness Monster sofubi. This ‘Chestburster’ edition of the 4″

Sucklord's #Bootleg Dumny Last Edition Available Now!

New York Pop Artist Morgan “The Sucklord” Phillips recently shared retirement of the Bootleg Dumny series. This last edition plays a role in#Toylordsofchinatown Ep 4. Available around #NYCC

MannyX and his new brand, ‘Iconoclast Toys‘, released this new SDCC 2015 exclusive “BAD ACID” resin bootleg Bart Simpson figure! These Bad acid is like multiple

Emilio Subirá Released KENDA-MAN... again!

After his recent 3 piece SELL OUT success of his “Kenda-man” release, artist Emilio Subirá decided, once again, to capitalize on the popularity by creating another

Amanda Visell × Super7’s “He-Man” & “Skeletor” hand-crafted resin figures!

Latest additions to the previously featured Super7’s exclusives for Skeletor’s Lair Pop Up Shop – showcasing a collaboration with Amanda Visell resulting in handcrafted limited runs of