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Pocketwatch Toys - “MONSIEUR MELIES” Resin Art Figure

  The idea for this toy is heavily inspired by French filmmaker Georges Méliès’s 1902 film ”A Trip To The Moon”. I saw the scene in that

Brent Nolasco's  Dark Descendants

Brent Nolasco’s Dark Descendants returns in a new series debuting at NYCC with myplasticheart booth #113 “The Eliminator” is the first installment of the new series. This two-headed


Carlo Cacho aka Wetworks in collaboration with GOSH TOYS and FLABSLAB, are proud to present “The Governor: Ahok” figure in both suit attire and Jedi costume! All set to released at the Indonesia

Ume Toys - BobaGeek the merc with fuzzy butt Resin Figure

Just because you are one of the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunters doesn’t mean you can’t be cute. Introducing “BobaGeek” the merc with fuzzy butt a charcater creation

Hollow Planet Design's LO THE SAUCERMEN figure

Hollow Planet is proud to shared LO THE SAUCERMEN! figure. From the fertile imagination of Shaky Kane. Let this Anomalous Man cast a radioactive glow from

Whereschappell - Deadpool Resin figure

Whereschappell is excited to launch his all new version of Deadpool resin figure. This Deadpool resin figure standing approx 20cm high in in classic red suit or grey x-force versions. Hand

Kyle Kirwan's

Kyle Kirwan is excited to announce his upcoming Skully Bloom Micro Run which going on sale this Saturday, September 10th at 9am PST. Handmade and hand-painted Skully Bloom measures 5.5″ tall.

Future Vandal aka Mr. CADatonic by CADatonic Now Available!

CADatonic is proud to release his latest creation of a futuristic robotic being, titled Future Vandal by CADatonic, standing 5.5” tall and features custom GID painted

Get On Down x Cypress Hill - Resin Black Skull - 3-D physical recreation of the group's 1991 logo

In collaboration with Get On Down, Cypress Hill presents something special in honor of the self-titled album’s 25th anniversary this August 13th, 2016. Cypress Hill’s re-release

Kong Andri to debut

Indonesian artist also known as “Kong Andri” is proud to announce the debut of his original character design OWANGEBOT JR MICRO SIZE at this weekend’s Popcon