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Tan's MimiMonster sofubi Available via Lottery May 4th

Creator of the hugely popular Mimi Monster sofubi, TAN, is taking you back to China in the 1980s. In the 70s-80s,most Chinese cope with shortages. Almost every

Plaseebo’s “Electric Uncle” Custom Marshmallow Uncle Sofubi

Bob Conge of Plaseebo give us another one-off custom, and the piece called ‘Electric Uncle’ it’s a glow in the dark Blackseed‘s Marshmallow Uncle sofubi that features hand painted

Unbox x Paul Kaiju – Mini MockbatsMixed Parts Blind Bag Series Drops April 23rd

Brace yourself! Unbox Industries will release Mini Mockbats Mixed Parts Blinds bag series from Paul Kaiju will go on sale Saturday April 23rd at 3 PM PDT for $40 each

terriblewhore’s Fcking Four Fingers 3rd Colorway and Clear Blank sofubi

terriblewhore released today his ever-popular Fucking Four Fingers sofubi had returned this week in an all-new 3rd colorway and clear blanks! Standing about 10.6″ tall and featuring 5 points of articulation, produced

TAG x Doktor A – Mandrake Root

Toy Art Gallery was in full effects right now, drops after drops! this time around was the new putrid-flesh Mandrake Root by Doktor A and set to drops Wednesday

Plaseebo 10th Anniversary Mummy and Sarcophagus Drops April 22nd

Bob Conge, never stop in releasing a special edition in celebration of Plaseebo 10th Anniversary! recently announced one of a kind custom sets of the Plaseebo Mummy and Sarcophagus. The artist is

MILKBOY X Kenth Toy Works - NADSAT BOY 1/6 SOFVI Figure Drops April 18th

Kenth Toy Works recently announced the start of second order of NADSAT BOY 1/6 SOFVI FIGURE, starting April 18th (Monday) thru to April 29th(Friday). A collaboration with the

Anatomy Skull Uamou sofubi Available Worldwide Now!

Anatomy Skull UAMOU returns used to be sold exclusively to Uamou online customers. The classic Anatomy skull Uamou is an exclusive to Yamashiroya so it was especially

Softoy Hobby’s Massive post-ToyConUK2016 Sale and more surprises

Softoy Hobby brought tones of goodies at ToyCon UK ’16 over the weekend! Thankfully to all who couldn’t attend, like us in the other side of the planet, they held

Zectron x unboxindustries Tug O' War

Zectron is about to release this Saturday April 16th at 12pm PST the Oil Spill edition of Tug O’ War vinyl figure. Produced by Unbox Industries in a deep