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Awesome Toy’s Unpainted “Fake Baron” Mini and Full Figure Set!

Awesome Toy‘s range of “Fake Baron” figures, all inspired by the classic ’70s “Pachi Red Baron” menko illustration, should rejoice as they finally have the chance to

Inami Toyland's Robo Tops in

Kevin Nam of ‘Inami Toyland‘ is back with the “Nightfall” edition of his resin ‘Robo Tops‘. Inspired by the colors of the setting sun and the

Plaseebo's custom on-off

Bob Conge of Plaseebo has just announced a special one of a kind custom “Gunkanjima” resin head on a Skull Head Butt “X” vinyl body with

Shoko Nakazawa x T9G’s “SxT

Shoko Nakazawa and T9G proudly reveal that the Hong Kong leg of their ongoing “SxT” show will be touching down at the Angel Abby retailer’s space this

Skullmark’s New “Galaxy Commanders” Sofubi Figures!

Hong Kong-based Skullmark continue their “Galaxy Commanders” line with “Commander Rookie” & “Commander Klop,” inspired by the Star Wars characters of Chewbacka and Darth Vader respectively.

Utsugiyo’s “Moon Dog” in Green and Camouflage Editions Now on Sale!

This creature from the mind of Utsugiyo is named “Getsumenken,” meaning “Moon Dog” or “Lunar Dog,” and they come only months after the debut of the first

Ummikko’s “Mighty Primate Koningu” figure for lottery!
Star Wars Darth Vader Hikari “Hologram” Sofubi Figure by Funko

Funko has just released another Darth Vader Star Wars Hikari Sofubi vinyl figure! This new “Hologram” Edition Darth Vader Hikari is! Cast in translucent blue soft

TRU:TEK’s Gory Hole and the “Ma-Ba Zombies” Return!
CURE TOYS’s New “King Devil” Sofubi Figure Drops in August!

Cure Toys previously announced the released of “King Devil” figure! Using a color of vinyl that mimics the classic look, these “Keshi-Gom Flesh Color” pieces are especially appropriate