Famous for her role in Ju-On (2000) and her scary schoolgirl appearance in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003), Japanese actress, singer, and model Chiaki Kuriyama get a chance to become Toy designer. Medicom Toy releases her “MY FIRST BE@RBRICK, B@BY” piece. Using the 11-inch tall “400% BE@RBRICK” as the base, Chiaki’s versiom of this famous figure have the ABS plastic figures cast in two color variations: pearlescent navy blue and pearlescent orange. Both have transparent bellies filled with beads, which would probably act like a baby rattle when shaken. Become available for the price of ¥ 9,504 (including tax) each and post-sale sold out instantly Medicom Toys has received a large number of demand for re-issue caused Medicom to recently announce an online lottery for these re-release copies — though the lottery is only open to residents of Japan, from March 19Th (Sat) 0:00 AM To March 21St (Mon) 23:59 PM. Check HERE how to join the lottery!

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