Cometdebris toyconuk2016_1
Koji Harmon aka Cometdebris will be at ToyCon UK with several event exclusives, including the debut of a brand new figure, Tofu Kid. Going with him is  the seven wonder of ToyConUK, starting with “Electricboy” in clear vinyl with blue glitters for £35 each, “Kappa Kid” in aurora vinyl for £25 each, Garak (collab with gravytoys) for £35 each, “Kappa Shonen” in green and glow marble for £40 each,  “Ace Robo” in blue glitter for £35 each and set debut in ToyConUK 2016..titled “Tofu Kid” in Glow vinyl edition for £25 each. Available at ToyConUK 2016 Booth 41. No word on how many pieces for each figure will be up for grabs. For those unable to attend, any remaining pieces will go online shortly after the event on his website HERE


Photo Credit: Not from you but from Cometdebris