Dunkeys Skulkey Tattoo Gold
Korean toy artist Coolrain Lee of the Coolrain Studio has teamed up with tattoo artist Novo is proud to released this 8-inch tall “Dunkey Skulkey Tattoo” soft vinyl, PVC & ABS figure from Coolrain Studio, in collaboration with Seman10cm & Grafflex, applying Novo drawing and tattooing skill into this figures, and comes in two versions, Gold Tatts on Black and Pink Tatts on Black, these “Dunkey Skulkey Tattoo” pieces are limited to 300 each copies worldwide. Available now online for only $99 apiece.
Dunkeys Skulkey Tattoo Gold is a collaboration work with Coolrain, Seman10cm, Grafflex and Novo.
Only 300 limited edition units are produced.
Tattoo_Dunkey gold
Dunkey Skulkey Tattoo