cracked hatchet

Cracked Hatchet released today, not one but three, one-off resin figures and this time it’s not available on his online shop but rather he make it available for eBay auctions. First on the list, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Stealth Mission Donny resin Figure Stands approx 14cm high and featured a unique colour way, grey/green skin with black bandana and pads. Battle damage ninja stars from fighting on the Foot! Second, Spidey resin figure, Stands approx 12cm high. Third and last, 001/001 Boba Fett Sarlaac Escape Resin Figure, Stands approx 18cm High. In a very Unique piece with smoking jetpack, what’s left of the Sarlaac and a moody paint app. Alll three figures are hand made and hand painted by wheresChappell, Figure is not articulated! eBay Auctions open for these 3 001/001 pieces today at 4pm UK time, all starting at £14.99 and ending on Sunday May 1st. User name ineedtoreturnsomevideotapes. Goodluck guys!