Cracked Hatchet is about to release WheresChappell version of Leo complete with twin Katana and wearing his turtle toe rifts. Available in 3 colour variants, features Toon-Blue bandana, Black belt, B&W-Red bandana and Movie-Blue bandana Brown belt. Leo stands approx 16cm high with Dyed Resin with hand painted pieces, fabric bandana tassels and faux leather belt.
Please also note: some pieces will vary from initial photos-toon Leo swords will be brown, hands are to be re-shaped slightly. The 2 green versions will be different shades from each other in production, it will be minimal but enough to make them differ from each other for people buying both. All three colorways of the Turtles’ leader will go up for pre-order at 8pm UK time on Sunday, October 23rd, and will be available for 1 week or until sold out at the Cracked Hatchet online store for just £27.99 each.