dabs myla

The long awaited solo show is finally opening to the public, Artist duo DABSMYLA presents “Before and Further” solo show, a 4,000 square foot installation takeover of a stand-alone 1930 built Spanish Revival workplace building, located on the Modernica factory property. DABSMYLA have fully transformed its interior and exterior with their newest paintings, sculptures, installations and exclusive furnishings from limited-edition fiberglass shell chairs and hand painted ceramics to custom-built lighting installations, all designed and created exclusively for their collaboration with Modernica utilizing the factory’s extensive technical capabilities. This long awaited solo show will be the follow up to their tremendous work in designing the logo and set of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. . In collaboration with Modernica, the show will be hosted at the Modernica Factory with a grand opening on October 17th from 12-7pm through November 15th.

PRESS: Before and Further is inspired by the individual life experiences of DABSMYLA – experiences that ultimately resulted in bringing the two artists together and explores their mystical union and shared balance of love, creativity, friendship and sexuality. The significance of two becoming one is most essential to DABSMYLA, in their work and more importantly in their role as husband and wife. Their artistic singularity is evident though the distinguished back-and-forth process of painting they equally share. Before and Further recalls their unseen-journey of experience, the shared creative energy they’ve embraced and their cosmic consciousness of togetherness. This installation exemplifies DABSMYLA’s adventures in modern living and artistic partnership with a bit of psychedelic experimentation.

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