The story of “Milbatallas” began will an illustration that Argentinian illustrator David Pugliese did a few years ago. Unable to shake the design, Pugliese didn’t hesitate to present the concept when the opportunity to make an art toy with Entusiasta Gallery presented itself. Desiring this work of cartoonish art to be more of a classic sculpture in form, skilled sculptor Pablo S. Sapia was enlisted to define the three-dimensional shape, caricature ala animation personality. With a name that means “thousand battles” in Spanish, “Mitbatallas” depicts a pirate with an old cartoon trope — the inverted body parts — made all the more awkward by those limbs being peg leg arms and prosthetic hook legs. Standing roughly 4¾-inches tall, the first edition of 20 unique copies has been hand sculpted and cast in blue resin with a subtle wood base. “Milbatallas” is only available to order by e-mail from with a price of $60 apiece.