tyo toys shipping

Tired of Garbage bins, dumpster on top of your desk? How about a shipping container this time…too big? Nope! This one is lightweight and assembled product measures only 7in wide by 4.5in tall and 3.75in deep. The corrugated edges of the container provide a visible storage system for pens, markers, blades, paperclips, and anything else that threatens a clean work space. The sturdy walls keep even heavy tools upright and grab-able. The printed surface of the container is created from a photograph of real shipping container. It is the same print used from their shipping container coffee table, which you might have seen on Gizmodo, or embellished your street name upon in an art gallery. For just $14 you can get one for yourself or two for $24 in blue and orange. Make it ship to you by helping to fund this project now HERE!

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