threezero tofu

The new Samurai To-Fu 1/6th scale figure from Devilrobots and Threezero  will be available for pre-order at starting from Thursday, April 28th @ 6 PM PDT, for US$198 / HK$1540. Samurai TO-FU collectible stands 15 inches / 37.5 cm tall; features highly detailed clothes (kimono, scarf and bamboo hat) and unique head sculpt; comes with following weapons: samurai sword, wakizashi and gun; five exchangeable hands. Samurai TO-FU is accompanied by Frog, who brings along his own cabinet and two pairs of exchangeable amphibian hands. Make sure to grab one for your collection before they are all gone!

threezero meets DEVILROBOTS Samurai

Samurai TO-FU collectible details:
*Fully-poseable and very detailed figure stands 15” (37.5cm) tall;
*Unique head sculpt;
*Bamboo hat;
*Five Exchangeable hands: one pair for holding swords; one right hand for holding gun; one pair of relaxed hands;
*Scarf and Kimono;
*Samurai Sword and Wakizashi;
*Highly-detailed clothes

*Two Pairs of Exchangeable hands: straight and fisted;
*Necklace with the key


Photo Credit: ThreeZero