Nordic-Legion sofubi 

Previously teased, this newest edition of Toby “Devilboy” Dutkiewicz’s “Alavaka” Devils Head Productions release is cast in clear vinyl with red, white and orange paints. Comes with “heart” guts and wrapped bones accessory. Also includes a copy of The Plagues “Epidemic” cd which was Devils Head Records number fourteen. *NOTE: While The Plague was NOT a Norwegian black metal band you can hear cues to the original Nordic Legion in both their lyrics and music. Made in Japan – The Nordic Legion Alavaka will be available on March 5th in the DHP webshop. They will pop up at random during the morning (EST) and be priced at US$60.00 each in the Devils Head Productions’s online shop

SPECIAL NOTE: If you would like to be entered in a chance to receive a FREE East Coast Skull Krew t-shirt (size S or XL only) with your Nordic Legion Alavaka order please add a note saying “TNL S” or “TNL XL” with your order. Maybe one will be included ../”
– added Toby Dutkiewicz.