DYNO is a lonely monster waiting for somebody to love. His skin was colorful but it turned completely white after years of waiting. He waits until his species extinct but nobody has ever responded. Yet, he has not given up his hope. He just keeps on waiting for someone he could love wholeheartedly.

Dyno is a waiting for my lover, the emergence of lonely little monster. His skin was a lot of colors, but for the years of waiting and turned into a all-White. He even when together with category also gone extinct also no response. But, he never ever give up hope, always insist on waiting can let him wholeheartedly to love that emerged.

Dyno (the Dinosaur) is coming to Fluffy House on his birthday on Valentines Day (14 Feb, 2016), this vinyl figure stand 4″ tall in white and hugging (removable) red heart. The  dropping starts at 21:00hrs (HK Time) Feb. 13th 9pm PST online via fluffyhouse.bigcartel.com. If you like to accept his heart and be his only one, make sure to grab one for your collection before they are gone!