El Hooligan custom Dunny series ASTRONAUT

El Hooligan proudly announced the release of his new custom Dunny series titled “ASTRONAUTS” – featuring 6 different characters, which include the brothers, the Medic and the Engineer, part of the rescue mission to the exploration mission in an asteroid that appear recently…this comes blind box and each blind box will be priced at US$110 shipped worldwide, with sales starting December 16th at 12:00 pm GMT -6. You can acquire them by emailing elhooliganarttoy@gmail.com (indicating the number of pieces required and a PayPal direction where an invoice will be sent, it has to be paid within 24 hours or the order will be canceled). The total amount of available pieces is 18 (3 sets), and will be reduced as each order is paid. A complete set of 6 pieces is also available, you can ask for it on the email and must do it quickly. Look out for 1 x ASTRO TICKET chase, but the winner will have to cover shipping costs of it. All orders will be shipped no later than December 20th, probably you can have it on New Year!