Bitxitu fghtoys

FGH Toys (customizers from Barcelona, Fluke, Godhay and HxStudios ) proudly announced on schedule the 2nd wave of customs each in their own style on their Bitxitu platform. The Bitxitu Project is where FGH put a little twist from other projects of designer toys as they will have different launches during 2016. Every Bitxitu launch will be a surprise, you won’t know which artist will launch his custom until 1 or 2 weeks before the launch date. Second wave will be drops this March 4th, 2016 at 10:00PM Spain Time (1:00PM PST) at Priced $50 each plus shipping. At the same time, FGH Toys will be putting 3 DIY Bitxitu for sale, Priced at a BARGAIN $15 plus shipping. Make sure to stop in and grab one for your collection before they are gone!

Bitxitu fghtoys diy

The list is impressive and consists of great artist/customizers, that you don’t want to miss!

  • Javier Jimenez
  • April Elliott
  • David Bishop
  • Otto Bjornik
  • Mei-Jean Hsu
  • Evan Morgan
  • Wuzone
  • Charles Rodriguez
  • Jessica Esper
  • Tomodachi
  • Lisa Rae Hansen
  • James Fuller
  • Maloone


And never miss another releases again. Here’s the list of the launch dates:

  • 3rd of February. 3 customs by FGH
  • 3rd of March. 3 customs by FGH and 3 blank Bitxitus
  • 6th of April. 3 Blank DIY Bitxitu
  • 4th of May. 3 customs by ?
  • 6th of July. 3 customs by ?
  • 7th of September. 4 customs by ?
  • 2nd of November. 7 customs by WIP Toys
  • 7th of December. 3 customs by ?