Lowfool vs Lowfool

Alan Ng’s of Fools Paradise is proud to announced the return of his classic “Lowfool” character in its favorite super hero outfit. Last released in the “I won’t be Hero, Tim” sets, this Lowfool released figure cosplaying as both Batman and Superman! Titled “Lowfool vs Lowfool: Inner Conflict,” feature the character fighting in arcade games, in reality with their characters inside the arcade world. Alan Ng’s own version of Player Versus Player as this massive vinyl set has the two mustached men challenging one another! The red side will be available on August 4th, 2016 at 9am Pacific time in the Fools Paradise online shop, follow by the black side after for unknown date! Make sure to grab one for your collection before they are gone!

Lowfool vs Lowfool Inner conflict