Frank Kozik shared what is can be seen above with this huge General Tso’s Nightmare pieces. About to drop in February, this now looks to have been extended to May insteadBut you can currently pre-order General Tso’s Nightmare over at your favorite designer toys shop for $99 per set. General Tso’s Nightmare piece, sculpted by the 3D dudes at Bigshot Toyworks, the figure features a darkly humorous, reversal-of-fortune portrayal of the KFC founder/spokesperson with two swappable heads: a spectacle skull and in a turn of revenge, an over-the-top rooster head. In addition to the dual heads, General Tso’s nightmare comes with a bucketful of accessories—a drumstick, a mini bucket o’ poison, and what appears to be  Mr. Sanders’ foot. But wait, there’s more… a sexy Black + Gold Chase! So keep your eyes peeled as these are anticipated to sell out quickly.

frankkozik_generaltso chicken