The Droid Foundry 3D print proudly introduced The Droid Foundry carrying their underlying theme of robots, and they have 3 character creations in 3D prints releases to present at ToyConUK this year. First in line, Hoverdroids have anti-grav engines which enable them to hover and move over any terrain, their rear pulse engine on the central rotating section allow them to gain forward motion and change direction. Hoverdroids will be priced at £25, and limted to 5 or 6 droids on the stand, each one unique.


Second, Rollerdroids – Designed and manufactured to work in a number of roles from scouts to engineering, sentry to survey etc. Rollerdroids will be priced at £25, and limited to 5 or 6 droids on the stand, each one unique.


Last but not the least, Droiddogs were a product of the renaissance of robotics all those years ago.  Droids, although always thought of as robots, were not limited to human form and Droiddogs were the personal droid to be seen with. Droiddogs will be priced between £28 and £40 dependent on size, and we will have a handful available on the booth.