Gearing up for C2E2 2016 this weekend, Furry Feline Creatives will be releasing their new Deep Sh*t Pizza plushes! exclusively for C2E2. Deep Sh*t Pizza Set Always warm and steamy, comes in a box with 5 slices of poop plush in various flavor, comes in Cheese, Pepperoni, Veggie, Anchovy and Mushroom. The C2E2 2016 Exclusive Deep Sh*t Pizza Plush Set is 5” tall and is 100% handmade by Designer Artist Cheri Ong, all hand sewn using soft fleece, felt, polyester fiberfill, and does not feature any buttons or plastic eyes that a small children could eat. Comes in a box with 5 slices of poop in various flavors that represents the truth behind its colors at the Furry Feline Creatives C2E2 booth for $49.99. For those of us unable to attend C2E2, a small number of sets are currently available for purchase at the Furry Feline Creatives online store!
  • Yellow = Cheese (greasy, foul smelling, malabsorption disorder)
  • Red = Pepperoni (could be a symptom of cancer)
  • Green = Veggie (food moving too quickly through the intestines)
  • Black = Anchovy (Bleeding internally due to ulcer or cancer)
  • Brown = Mushroom (You’re normal)