Cypress Hill Skull 1

In collaboration with Get On Down, Cypress Hill presents something special in honor of the self-titled album’s 25th anniversary this August 13th, 2016. Cypress Hill’s re-release of their self-titled debut album! The video features B-Real and Sen Dog showing off the special edition skull collectors case for Cypress Hill and collector’s book. The entire set is housed in a unique, hard resin black skull – a faithful, 3-D physical recreation of the group’s 1991 logo. A CD with remastered audio and a 100-plus page hardcover book are also included. The book features extensive liner notes by journalist Chris Faraone with input from B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs, and also includes full album lyrics and rarely seen photos provided by the group, as well as press clippings from 1991. Limited to 1991 sets and available in two variants of Bundles, one with LP for $94.91 and one with none for $74.91 each bundle. The package is being sold through Get On Down and is available for pre-order today at
Cypress Hill Skull resin set
Cypress Hill Skull
– Premium Custom Designed Black Resin Skull (3-D Physical Recreation of the Group’s 1991 Logo)
– Remastered CD
– ‘Smokey Swirl’ Vinyl in exclusive black-on-black Cypress Hill Logo Sleeve
– 100 Page Hard Cover Liner Notes Book
Cypress Hill Skull resin

Cypress Hill Skull resin bust