ion men

Matt Walls proud to announce a small run of rad ION Men sofubi for the last time under Anyoldion Toys, he is about to give the moulds away. There are also ten clear Ion Men with Rumble Monsters inserts *tanks not included.  The Ion Men by A.O.I. There are 8 heads, 2 bodies, 2 legs and 5 sets of arms (random). The arms include left/right fists, left/right mace, left/right clockwork cannons, a UFO and a Seismic Ace head arm. Stand approx. 4-4.5″ The names are Seismic King, Trojan Hoss, Murder Boner, XLR8OR88, Kumatank (Beartank), Centurion K16, Strollbot and Big Damage K16. Available now are Glow ION Men and Clear Techno Ion Men for pre-order HERE right now at Lulubell Toy Bodega, will come in random assortment. Do not miss it, it will not happen again!
Matt says: “Time to hand it all over to a top Japanese designer who will turn my original dream into a reality. Whatever is in America is it. They’ll be Japan only from now on.