It’s time for the next generation of Android Mini Collectibles! The Android artist series is back with unique designs from some amazingly talented artists from around the world. Google Android Phone Mascot Series 6 features artists such as Andrew Bell, Andrea Kang, Colus, Dwaine Morris, Igor Ventura, Jessica Wang, Nathan Jurevicius and Otto Bjornik lending their talents and vision to the Android series! The Google Android Phone Mascot Series 6 Mini-Figure Display Case contains 16 individually packaged android 3″ mini-figures, cases include 14 different designs, including one of three rare designs. While these figures aren’t expected to hit store shelves until November 2016, you can pre-order them now from Entertainment Earth for $129.99 per display case here now! Add them to your collection to be on the safe side!

NOTE: Possibly the 2 in the box design are designs from Colus and Dwaine Morris , more updates soon!


Jess Wang cooks up a tasty treat for us with her “Hot Dog” design with a 2/16 ratio, you can share a hot dog with a friend!


Grab a comb and a full case because Greaser slides in at a 1/16 ratio!



Both King and Queen come in a 1/16 ratio.


Suit up with artist Igor Ventura and his beautiful card-inspired “King” and “Queen” Android designs!


Miss Jinx sports a pink top, and comes packed in a 1/16 ratio.

Bad Boss keeps an eye on things, donning stripes with a 1/16 ratio as well.


Otto Björnik, an artist of many talents based in the Philippines, translates his elegant geisha design with “Sayaka”. Sayaka comes in a 1/16 ratio.


Amanita is packed in a 1/16 ratio.


Purple adds to the expanding spectrum with a 2/16 ratio


Švytėjimas is packed in a 1/16 ratio.