Greg Ham Kit Fisto and Plo koon funko

Greg Ham (as FunKo’s newest designers) can finally announce the release of the first POP! vinyl He ever created a concept for, Kit Fisto, assigned to him on his first day on the job, along with Plo Koon. Pictured is the prototype sculpted in 3D by Maggie and the boxed figure which was project managed by Stephanie.

Greg Ham Kit Fisto

Greg Ham Plo Koon

Here is Plo Koon, one of the POP! vinyls I was assigned to concept on my first day. For anyone curious, it took a little over 5 months from when I created the concept to the point where it was officially revealed by Marketing and ok for me to show.

To this day I prefer to sketch my concepts out in blue pencil on paper before vectoring them out in Illustrator. After the concept was approved there were many other steps in the process, and amazing teammates, to get the POP! to this point. I realized yesterday that my teammates may not want their full names used so I will just say that without Maggie (3D sculptor), Bryce (3D output), Poppy (color call out and packaging), Stephanie (Project Manager), Sean (Art Director) and Ben (Creative Director), and that is just those involved inthe Art Dept, Plo Koon would not have turned out as amazing as he did. ~ Greg Ham