Heath Duntz Feeding Time

Heath Duntz shared to us a couple views and details of his newest piece- “Feeding Time” custom sculpted base and two custom dunnys . Heath mentions ~This started as fun, then I was gonna use it for a show in Texas coming up,.. But I changed my mind . So now it’s done, and up for grabs. I kinda pictured a mad scientist- part dr. Frankenstein , part professor Farnsworth , part Alistair Crowley . Cross genetic cloning, raising the dead … This little fck3rs dark. P.s. The Doctor’s little undead bird can perch on his ear , or on the crumbling castle wall. ~ We love this custom dunny and Heath styles for diorama, detailed and realistic materials, giving more drama in this piece of art. If you like Diorama kind of art, and interested contact Heath HERE for pricing and details.

Heath Dunt