mini muckey_instinctoy_sofubi

INSTINCTOY is attending toy exhibitions almost every month, starting with TTE Thailand in May, Wonder Festival Japan in July, and the Soft Vinyl Festival Hong Kong in August. Next, we will be going to STGCC Singapore in September. This is their first announcement are these two rainbow colors in a very popular colorways in the Muckey series. Now INSTINCTOY remade the same colorways with the mini Muckey. The size is smaller, and in addition, it comes with t 2 different teeth patterns with fangs. Of course, the mini-sized Muckeys have a rainbow glow-in-the-dark effect, just like the general-sized rainbow Muckey. Other than these two, there are many more new releases that will be revealed later this week. Stay tuned for more updates!

mini muckey_instinctoy