InstincToy has announced a triple treat of awesomeness for the month of sweetness, February. Giving you the 3rd colorway of the “CURIO” cat, the 2nd colorway of the “MINI MUCKEY,” and the blind bagged “BYRON LIQUID” single black and black upper body plus transparent lower body. The “CURIO” and “MINI MUCKEY” releases share a sweet chocolate colorways, being respectively called “Chocolat” and “Choco Cake” editions. For those interested, there is an ongoing lottery to win the chance to buy one of these fantastic figures that will run through February 21st, 2016 at 23:59 Japan time… For more information on how to enter,send your complete Name, Address with Country, Phone number, and mention the Products you like and last your PayPal Account. For more info visit HERE.

curio-3rd-chocolat-image3 byron-and-babyinc mini-muckey-chococake-eat-ups