c2e2-junkfed bootleg
This year’s C2E2 is just around the bend (March 18-20 at McCormick Place in Chicago) and the one and JunkFed will be there rubbing elbows with Kaiju Kaos, Man or Monster? Studios, Galaxxor, Turbopistola, Battle Babies, Pixel Dan, JB Roe, and Until We Burn at the Nerd City’s booth 760 The Block… brining you all that goodness that you see above, including: “Non Solo”, “Rocky Dennis”, “Woklords and Warwoks”, “Andre The Giant’s Posse Has a Posse (Infinite Edition)”, Space Madness Coloring Book and an assortment of other goodies! If you are attending C2E2 make sure to stop by and check their booth out!


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