Kanye West Prostate Work Kit
This years Yeezy Season 3 is all about the 808s & Buttaches, butt it seems like Yeezy forgot to drop a much needed accessory for those looking for a deeper exploration of “The Life Of Prostate”! Special Ed Toys and Allways Hold’n were more than happy to help plug that hole! The “Kanye West Prostate Work Kit” is ready to spring into action and they’re aiming for your sweet spot! Your wallet that is! Each kit comes with 1 single use packet of lube to help ease even the tightest of situations, 1 moist towelette for some good clean fun, 1 “one-size-fits-most” finger condom for guaranteed safe and abrasion-free play, and “Yeezy Finger by Finger” instructions on the back of each card! So don’t be “A Fingers In The Booty Ass Bitch”! Pick up your very own kit today and become “A Fingers In The Booty Ass Professional”! And for those looking to step up their game there’s an offer for the “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Send Away Kit”! Now available in a powder-free glove edition to help you keep a tight grip!

Head on over to www.YEEZYGOTFINGERED.com and you can nab one for only $5 bux plus a flat rate shipping fee of only $3.08 (a little more for international buyers) whether you buy 1 or 100 of them! And talk about great anytime gifts, these are sure to both shock and please your friends, family members, co-workers and even scorned ex-lovers! Good stuff for everybody!

Kanye West Prostate Work Kit 1