Artist Kyle Kirwan is attending at this year’s New York Comic Con 2016! Kirwan and his Bloom 5.5” resin figure are taking over The Block, releasing seven different glow in the dark Cavus Edition Bloom colorways at different booths throughout The Block for just $30 each. But that’s not all, each colorway has a 1 off variant and there are 6 golden tickets hidden randomly in all of the boxes. These tickets are good for a secret Bloom colorway that will come out early next year.
Here’s the official breakdown of where to find each Cavus Bloom colorway at NYCC ’16:
  • The Red Arsine (LE 10) will be sold at the Big Kev’s Geek Stuff booth #401
  • The Yellow Germane (LE 10) will be sold at the DKE Toys booth #423
  • The Orange Boron (LE 10) will be sold at the Art Whino booth
  • The Green Chlor (LE 10) will be sold at the MyPlasticHeart booth #113
  • The Blue Bromine (LE 10) will be sold at the Tenacious Toys booth #309
  • The Purple Stibine (LE 10) will be sold at the Clutter Magazine booth #603
  • The White Florine (LE 5) will be sold via the For The Masses Podcast and you will have to follow them on Instagram here to find out where it’ll be sold.