Mark Nagata of MaxToyCo drops a surprise reveal of these super duper rare OLLIE OTTER Gacha-Maxx figures!, hand painted by Mark Nagata versions (above)… but there are less than 1% chance of getting one. Good luck they are now in the mix when you order! There are Brown, Grey, Flesh, Glow in Dark and Clear Pink versions. When you order, you are simply ordering how many you want, but he will fill them randomly. So you may get the same figure or not. Each comes in a gacha ball with insert. Also, a few of them are in two parts, you will have to put them together but that should not be hard to do. These are not sold in sets, but randomly. Recreating that this, is in Japan, they are only sold in actual Gachapon machines via OneUp store, Dai Kaiju Salon Bar, and various Japan toy events via Max Toys. There are a total of x10 different character designs to choose from. Head on over HERE right now to snag one up for just $12 and make sure to grab one for your collection before they are gone! Sorry, NO SALES TO JAPAN!

maxtoyco gacha maxx

gatcha maxx