MILKboy NADSAT x Kenth Toy Works toys

Kenth Toy Works recently announced the start of second order of NADSAT BOY 1/6 SOFVI FIGURE, starting April 18th (Monday) thru to April 29th(Friday). A collaboration with the popular apparel brand “MILKBOY”, NADSAT BOY 1/6 SOFVI FIGURE will be available in two colorways; the original color version, two colors of MILKBOY Special PINK color version, both editions are priced at 16,200 yen (approx US$150-) with shipping fee not included. Payment via Paypal only. To order, please enter following information Name, Address, Phone number, Item and send Email to [] * “After we accept pre-orders, we cannot accept any cancel requests. Please be careful, if you cancel your order, we will refuse any orders in the future. We look forward to receiving your order.”May 2016 delivery schedule.