mirock toys

Mirock Toy proudly unveiled their latest batch releases currently available for overseas order only! Offering up a total of 5 different purchasing options this time around, starting first “Massive Attack” for $75, the “Jizo Rengeza Boss” for $80, the double-ended “Jyaki Baoa” for just $25, “Kurama Houshi” and “Mirock Hontai” for $35 and the deity set, featuring “100mm Mirock”, “Sanmenndaikoku”, “Den Mirockmaru” and “Gohosin” for $100 they are all coming cast in a bright pink soft vinyl with metallic purple, black, gold and silver sprays. Currently available via e-mail lottery, those interested in entering must send their desired product/set, name, Instagram name, country, shipping address, phone number and PayPal address to kaneko@mirock-toy.com before close on Monday, December 7th…TOnly the winners in a drawing will receive detailed information about the products they have got and shipping is scheduled to begin in late December. Good luck to all who enter!