UK based artist Miss Muju the Cosmic Night Owl Kickstarter campaign has just launched! This handmade colour-changing illuminated sculpture is available to order now at Kickstarter Here. Inspired by the Northern Lights, the Aurora version of the Cosmic Night Owl changes colour through a glowing cycle of red, green and blue. The sculpture is cast in a light blue clear bio-resin, with blue and silver sparkles encased in the resin.  These sparkles add to the magic of the sculpture when they catch the light. The sculpture stands 9cm tall (3.5″) and has a hollow in the base which sits over an RGB colour changing LED tea light.  Each sculpture comes with one waterproof LED tea light and battery. Help us bring this Cosmic Night Owl to life, A Pledge Goal of £2,500 until the deadline on Nov 7th, 2016!


There are 3 versions of the Cosmic Night Owl available through this Kickstarter campaign:
*The Aurora edition is a clear blue sculpture which comes with a colour changing LED light.

*The Sunset edition is a clear orange sculpture which comes with a warm white LED light.

*The Twilight edition is a hand painted version of this sculpture.