Zangotchi customs

VideoV0mit‘s released  today…Zangotchi mini figure courtesy of Obsessed Panda‘s Michael Devera! Co-designed by VideoV0mit/DeathCat Toys and sculpted by KtoKto, these fully articulated, Bikkuriman-style figure stands at just over 3″ tall, coming with the same chest skull, tentacled arms and shark-like head as the soon-to-be-released 9″ soft vinyl rendition. Produced by Dubose Art in a GID resin this time around, the limited run of just 2 figures have each been treated to a fancy metallic spray and hand painted detailing courtesy of Devera. Gone on sale via the Obsessed Panda store today (Feb.17), priced at just $50 each plus shipping…and been Sold Out in minute!

Zangotchi customs_1