2PetalRose revealed his latest custom Maiko figure, with “Okurimono Maiko” is on it’s way for the “Gift Wrapped 2015” exhibition at the Clutter Gallery – Beacon, New York (Dec 12th – Jan 1st) – where pieces “will be available to purchase from the opening night and will be removed once purchased. This such beauty standing 15 inches tall, this Maiko is a handmade resin figurine, featuring all fabric custom designed and printed, which Liam mentioned; “The Obi on this one is reversible – one side geisha print and the other samurai.” In addition, the figure comes with a base with stone floor print. Price is TBC on this but it will be available at a bargain price for the show. If you are in the New York area by that date, be sure to stop by Clutter to see this in person and possibly own this fabulous art works!