Spotted at New York Toy Fair 2016 is this lovely production Shah Mat Dunny Chess from Otto Bjornik x Kidrobot. Otto Bjornik’s Dunny Chess Series is the first collection of it’s kind! This series is a full and playable chess set. The Dunny figures in this series are designed to be a king, queen, rook, bishop, knight or pawn. Each Dunny, or chess piece, whatever you like to call it, comes on a square that makes up the chess board. Look at that GOLD chase, isn’t she lovely?!

Black Spot have the full Bjornik ‘Shah Mat’ 3inch Dunny Chess set available for pre-order for $750.00 CAD right now HERE. This will guarantee you the full and complete chess set collection of 32 pieces Dunny series. Estimated dropping date around the end of August 2016, so stay tuned for updates! This would be the sickest edition you might don’t want to miss. Checkmate!



Otto Björnik x Kidrobot’s Shah Mat Dunny Chess