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Some great things is come to happen in Japan in the month of September and if so happen in you’re in the area of Akihabara make

TRU:TEK’s Gory Hole and the “Ma-Ba Zombies” Return!
3DRetro x Plasticgod's Nick Cave vinyl figure available now!

Plasticgod designed Nick Cave vinyl figures will be up for grabs via the 3DRetro webstore HERE! This is a great news for fans that couldn’t make

David Flores x BIC Plastics -

First release in 2008, and then once again in 2010… This year, 2015 David Flores’ “TwoBit” figure has been in the works for a long time,

Glenn Barr

Martian Toys are so proud to announced their third installment in their very own exclusive artist series of Prints On Wood…artist Glenn Barr on board to

Bella Lee: Noir Online Drops Aug. 6th!

After the successful limited release of Bella Lee: Noir at SDCC and now are ready for an online release on Aug 6. Oozing old Hollywood glamour,

CURE TOYS’s New “King Devil” Sofubi Figure Drops in August!

Cure Toys previously announced the released of “King Devil” figure! Using a color of vinyl that mimics the classic look, these “Keshi-Gom Flesh Color” pieces are especially appropriate

Max Toy Company’s Mark Nagata “Kibunadon the Fish Kaiju” custom for Kaiju Girls Event!

Cris over at ‘Goodhero‘ created his own, very first figure…and he love to share it to everyone, so after a lot of trial and error, he

MannyX and his new brand, ‘Iconoclast Toys‘, released this new SDCC 2015 exclusive “BAD ACID” resin bootleg Bart Simpson figure! These Bad acid is like multiple

In space, no one can hear you scream… even when the creeping fear that’s upon the Nostromo draws nearer and its mouthed proboscis pierces your flesh,

Future projects in mind? better stock up on DIY vinyl toys this 4th of July weekend and save 20% using coupon code FIREWORKS during checkout at

ThreeA’s Revealed their SDCC 2015 exclusives Complete Line up!
Emilio Subirá Released KENDA-MAN... again!

After his recent 3 piece SELL OUT success of his “Kenda-man” release, artist Emilio Subirá decided, once again, to capitalize on the popularity by creating another

MAD's 40% off 4th of July Madness sale!

Jeremy “MAD” Madl is having a Madness Sale! To celebrate Fourth of July Holiday, starting tonight at Midnight and running until Sunday night, get 40% off

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