Sydney Based Artist Paul Braddock is proud to revealed his latest 3d printed creation…titled “Eddie the Robot” standing 30cm tall and features rusted old robot in yellow and chrome plated accessories paint job, using some latex fluid  to finish the classic colorways. Paul also soldered up a battery box with an on / off switch inside the head. The top cap comes off, it uses 2 3v coin batteries giving it a lighting eyes. If you are interested, sadly to say this is created as a personal gift for his sister-in-law. “Cassie is a robot lover, she has a bit of a collection, so leading up to Christmas last year, I thought I could make her something unique and personal. Cassie is the one who actually named him ‘Eddie’,” Paul says. But due to high interest to his post he is planning to create it on resin figure and be available to all of his followers. More details should be released soon but make sure to keep an eye out in the Paul Braddock IG account HERE.