Unbox Industries produced Mini Mockbats are finally set to release in painted series by the creator himself… Paul Kaiju…in what he dubs the “Blind Bag Mini Mockbatpocalypse” raffle! Featuring the reduced-size, 4″ tall bat boy in a number of his classic colorways, including Sugar Cookie, Red Rub, Devil, Curse Bat and Poison Touch, and comes by 2 undisclosed secret chases. Priced at just $100 each plus shipping, for all collectors looking to bag one of these is going to need to fill out the dedicated raffle form that’ll be appearing on Paul Kaiju site this Sunday, February 21st at 6pm Pacific time. Open for just an hour this time around, so don’t snooze. Only winners of the lottery will be notified via e-mail within 4 days of the raffle’s close… Good luck to all who enter!