Pepe Hiller is delighted in announcing his latest handcrafted wood figures, bringing you King Pokka and the Pakkas. The Pakkas is limited to 8 pcs, stand 6 inch tall for only $110 apiece, a fierce yet unruly horned tribe of spear-wielding buffalo hunters,  are trained and kept focused by their formidable leader, King Pokka is one-off figure, stand 12 inch tall for only $380 apiece. Specially crafted from smoked oak wood, each of the smaller Pakkas carries a beech spear with brass spearhead attached with natural leather ribbon. Each has a single brass tooth, metal eyes, and articulated arms.  The big boy, King Pokka, is bigger and badder and tips the scale at an impressive five pounds.  King has a mouth-full of teeth (maple + 1 brass) and sports brass jewelry on his horns, perhaps marks of his position. Finished with natural beeswax, each figure is signed and numbered (embossed/branded) by the artist.  Both handcrafted wood figures will be released on Wednesday May 4th at 1 PM PDT only here at Pepe Hiller’s web shop.

king Pokka and the Pokkas