Planet3 Toys X Obsessed Panda is proud to bring you: Bōzu “The Ancient One” edition! Stands at approx. 3.5″ (90mm), cast in flesh coloured vinyl, and painted by OBSESSED PANDA with a hand made hat. Produced in Japan by Grody Shogun/Lulubell Toys. Up for grabs Wednesday, September 21st at 9am pst over at for just $45usd + shipping and make sure to grab one for your collection before they are gone!


The oldest of the yokai sometimes speak in whispers of a Bōzu that came before. One that had the ash of burning villages on his robes. One that had the stench of devoured human soul on his breath. One that had the tears of the Gods on his sun bleached hat. The sounds of his laughter heard following cataclysm. We’re talking a major jerk, here. We’re talking THE ANCIENT ONE.